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Environmental Issues Affected by Hazardous Waste

Bio-hazardous / Infectious Decontamination Services

The modern world is full of many technological wonders, so it’s a great time to live in. However, the downside is that with technological advancements come hazardous waste. Sadly, much of this waste gets mismanaged. Anything from a small candy wrapper to radioactive waste can leave a massive impact on the ecosystem if left unchecked.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, hazardous waste is anything that can have harmful effects on humans, animals, and the environment in general. Hazardous waste may be generated from industrial manufacturing process wastes to household garbage like batteries, cleaning products, and non-biodegradable plastics. It is estimated that hazardous waste makes up 15% of the total wastes disposed of every year. Fortunately, several companies offer environmental cleanup services in Phoenix.

What Makes a Waste Hazardous?

Hazardous waste can be identified with the use of a near-universal standard that determines waste toxicity based on how it can negatively affect the environment. For example, how flammable and poisonous it can become, as well as its ability to explode or corrode other materials, when exposed to other chemicals.

How Does Hazardous Waste Impact the Environment?

Hazardous waste can have an enormous effect on the environment when not properly managed. Such effect could include any of the following.

  • Short-term Effects. Water pollution is the most concerning short-term effect of improper hazardous waste disposal as the chemical could make its way to the waterways. This makes the water unsafe for human and animal consumption or agricultural use.
  • Long-term Effects. The short-term effects are daunting enough. But when you consider the long-term impact, then you’ll know how truly terrifying the situation is. Signs of mutation in animals, cancer, and other forms of diseases in humans are just some of the long-term effects of hazardous waste pollution.

Disposal Options

There are several options for hazardous waste disposal, such as landfills, incineration, injection wells, and bioremediation. However, not all of them are ideal. For example, the disposal of hazardous chemical waste in injection wells and landfills can cause toxic substances to leak into surrounding groundwater. This is a cause of significant concern since groundwater is a major source of drinking water. The best way to get rid of hazardous waste is through a method that destroys and converts it into a non-hazardous form.

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Posted on February 15th, 2019.