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Methamphetamine (Meth) Lab Inspections and Remediation

Lab Inspections and Remediation

The hazards of being a homeowner are numerous, but when you find out that your property has been used as a drug lab, it can be devastating. Meth can contaminate properties and make them hazardous to current and future occupants, and they can make the property impossible to sell or rent. Tenants or buyers left to deal with a meth-contaminated home also have recourse in the courts if they can prove harm has been done by their occupancy. Unfortunately, these kinds of busts are not unusual in Phoenix and the metro area. In fact, they are distressingly common and have been going on for years.

How Can You Tell if Your Property Has Been Used as a Lab?

When house hunting, it can be hard to tell if the home you’re looking at is a former lab; some counties have labs in the hundreds. Paint, new sinks, and bathtubs can cover up the telltale yellowing from chemicals. Carpet and other furnishings can be removed or replaced to mitigate the smell of solvents like paint thinner or ammonia. However, if your eyes itch and burn, or you have issues with breathing or a metallic taste in your mouth, you could be reacting to residue from meth.

What Happens Next?

Buying a simple test at Wal-Mart or Home Depot can verify the presence of meth lab residue, but professional assessment and intervention are needed. Drug lab remediation is a specialty that falls into the realm of hazardous materials handling, such as the cleanup of a chemical spill or lab packing services. A Phoenix drug lab remediation company uses special equipment to determine the level of contamination, then removes contaminated materials from the home and uses special cleaning products to eliminate the surface residues.

We Can Help!

Whether you suspect your Phoenix home was once used as a meth lab, or know for certain that your property was used to cook meth, Kary Environmental Services can help. We are BTR certified and ROC licensed to perform drug lab assessment and remediation in the state of Arizona. Drug lab remediation and lab packing services can restore your property to a non-hazardous condition, fit to live in, rent, or sell. Call us today if your property has been used as a meth lab, or you suspect the presence of hazardous chemicals in your home is making you ill. The sooner we start, the sooner you can move forward – so call us today!

Posted on October 15th, 2018.