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Pros and Cons of Drug Testing Methods

Drug Lab Site Remediation

Drug testing has become necessary in maintaining a good environment and promoting well-being to those we care about. Regardless if it’s in your workforce or at home, it’s essential that you know what you should do in case you suspect a subordinate or a family member using illegal or misusing prescription drugs.

Urine and saliva are the most common drug testing methods out there. But before you decide which of the two could best serve your purpose, you have to educate yourself first: their pros and cons, services such as drug lab site remediation, and so many others.

Urine Drug Testing


Easy to administer. Among the most common methods being used, urine testing can detect up to 12 drugs. It’s non-invasive, so it’s straightforward to administer.

Fast results. Drug testing kits make it possible for you to conduct this method at home and because you won’t need a lab, results can be obtained within minutes.

Reliable results. The reliability of urine testing depends highly on the technology used. Lab results may be more accurate than home kits. It’s been used for screening in different fields for years now.
Affordable. Urine testing is one of the most accessible drug testing options.


A short window of detection. Although this method is commonly used in workplaces, one of the notable disadvantages is its window of detection. Of course, it is dependent on the frequency of drug usage. The often it is used, the more likely it is going to be detected.

For the more common drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, and others, it has around 1 to 3 days of detection period.

Another thing that you might consider is it can be falsified given that the getting of the sample can’t be supervised.

Saliva Drug Testing


Much easier to administer than urine. Because you won’t have to go to a private room to get the sample, this drug testing method is much easier to do.

Fast results. Just like for urine, saliva drug testing can produce results in a short period.

Hard to falsify. The person doesn’t have to go to a private room to get the sample.

It is best for recent drug use.


The detection window is also much shorter than urine drug testing. Another thing that you have to know about saliva drug testing is it can be contaminated easily. Results may be affected by smoked drugs or even the environment. This is why many establishments hire drug lab site remediation services, and you might want to check out Kary Environmental Services, Inc to know more about it.

Posted on April 14th, 2019.