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What Is The Difference Between Offensive And Hazardous Waste?

If your facility produces waste, then you’ll need to ensure proper disposal measures are followed. To find the right waste disposal firm, you’ll need to be clear about the services you need. Understanding the difference between offensive and hazardous waste is just one of the many important things you need to cover.

What Is Offensive Waste?

The term refers to non-infectious waste. They may be unpleasant or can even cause offense to people who may interact with them, though. This includes human and animal feces, incontinence pads, catheter and stoma bags and nappies along with sanitary waste. Nasal secretions and sputum along with condoms, vomit and urine or soiled human bedding are also on the list.

What Is Hazardous Waste?

This refers to waste that brings significant threat to public health, the environment or both. Because of its nature, hazardous waste cannot be mixed in with non-hazardous waste. Some types of these include paints and inks along with pigments. Vehicle fluids that may cause fire such as oil or antifreeze are also on the list. Brake cleaners as well as electronic waste all need to undergo proper disposal procedures.

How Are These Wastes Disposed Of?

Some mistakenly believe that offensive waste can be thrown the same way as general waste is. But that’s not correct. You still need to put it in a separate bin. For hazardous wastes, disposal must be in accordance with safety regulations and standards. To ensure there are no mistakes, though, it’s better for your company to hire the services of an industry expert for hazardous waste management in Phoenix.

How Do We Choose The Right Firm?

Do your homework. Find out which companies provide waste management assistance. Check the lineup of services offered by the company. Does it include the kind of help you need? What kind of waste management experience does the firm have? How long has it been in the business? What kind of qualifications and credentials does it have? These are just a few of the things you’ll want to sort out before you pick a service provider.

Bottom Line

Ensuring proper waste management is vital to your company’s operations and success. Poor practices and faulty management can lead to a lot of problems that could compromise consumer trust in your company, lead to a slowdown of projects, and end up harming the environment. That could lead to legal trouble for your firm down the road. Prevent all that by hiring a trusted firm like Kary Environmental Services, Inc. for hazardous waste management in Phoenix.

Posted on May 12th, 2019.