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Why Every Business Should Have a Hazardous Waste Management Plan

Hazardous Waste Management

If your business handles hazardous waste, then proper disposal is a must. Whether you’re a start-up or your business has been thriving for decades, here’s why hiring a service provider for hazardous waste management in Phoenix is necessary.


There are federal and state guidelines that your business needs to comply with, depending on how much waste your company generates. A good hazardous waste management plan will have the proper generator classification, then. Hiring a third-party service provider can do a lot to ensure your organization’s compliance with the law.


Hiring environmental cleanup services creates convenience, like separating and collecting waste for instance. The firm may have offers or suggestions on how waste collection can go or what can improve your existing collection practices.

Proper Storage

You may need cleaning chemicals to be stored in your facility. Your cleanup team will ensure these are correctly labeled and properly stored. They may turn out to be hazardous waste once they reach their expiration dates. An attentive and conscientious waste management crew won’t miss that.

Good Records

Record-keeping may not seem like a necessary part of handling hazardous waste. But the law requires companies to keep accurate records of their management practices. By hiring a trusted service provider to handle this, you won’t have to worry that your records are a mess. You can request a look at their records any time and find only thorough records of the practices and techniques the team uses to dispose of the waste in the safest and most efficient ways possible.

Emergency Planning

Accidents or emergencies can happen. When they do, your cleanup crew must have an emergency plan in place to prevent or minimize any health or safety threats that may result from the hazardous waste you have on-site. The goal is to ensure containment and prevent any threats to humans or the environment.

Peace of Mind

By hiring a third-party service to handle all these, you have no qualms about putting your sole focus on your core business. To get started on your plans, look for a trusted crew that offers hazardous waste management in Phoenix. Contact Kary Environmental Services, Inc., and learn how we can help.

Posted on November 26th, 2018.