Drug Laboratory Site Remediation


Kary Environmental services, Inc. is a State licensed environmental contractor that can perform pre testing, remediation and reporting  required by State law.  We can complete the decontamination of the structure containing and impacted by the laboratories or drug users illegal operation.

Kary Environmental Services, Inc. uses safe and innovative procedures to clean and assess properties at an affordable cost.

Drug labs are found everywhere – homes, apartments, trailers, storage facilities, hotel/motel rooms, restaurants, vehicles. The chemicals and by-products used in drug labs during meth use or manufacturing can contaminate the structure, contents, carpets, drywall, HVAC system, and septic systems. Kary Environmental Services, Inc. performs drug lab clean ups with a high regard for safety and follows all State and local guidelines to perform assessments or decontamination of structures.


Primary Reasons to Hire Kary Environmental Services, Inc.

Drug lab decontamination is an intricate process involving many steps including, site assessment, sampling / methamphetamine testing, comprehensive work plan, removal of contents, decontamination of structure, post-sampling, documentation, liaison with a Professional Engineer, and final reporting.


Using a certified, insured drug lab cleanup company who specializes in clandestine drug lab decontamination and methamphetamine testing is not only required under State law but it is also your only assurance that the job will be done correctly and safely in order to restore your property back to a healthy environment as well as certifying through a documented process that the structure has been properly remediated.  This protects not only the safety of future inhabitants but also the liability of the property owner or Management Company.

Dangers & Liabilities of Drug Site Labs

Proper drug laboratory clean up can be critical when considering the following facts:

Meth production and use may contaminate surfaces, drains, ventilation systems and furnishings with hazardous chemicals. Residual toxins may pose serious health threats to persons exposed to the drug lab environment and to discarded materials.